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Does your Acne keep coming back? Here’s what you need to do.

You used your acne medicine for weeks (or months) without fail. And you were rewarded with clearer skin! You were super glad to finally put those acne treatments on the shelf and forget about them.

But as soon as you stopped using your acne medicine, the pimples came back. Did the medication not work properly? Is your acne medication just not effective?

Most Acne medication you get a general store or medical shop are not actually Acne cure. They just control it. You must be anxiously waiting for your Acne to cure but you do not know that its just controlling it. These medicines do not stop the factors that caused the breakout in the first place.

You stopped using the medications once your skin cleared. This is an awful habit. Once your skin clears it doesn’t mean Acne has gone completely. You still have the chances of Acne coming back.
Your condition might require more time and right treatment plan. Maybe you just rushed into things and once you saw a clear skin you thought it worked. But when it started recurring back you realize something went wrong.

For acute Acne breakouts what you need is a systematic approach to it. First, you consult with an expert Dermatologist. They will study your skin and chart out a treatment plan. The rest is up to you. How well you follow the regimen and how well you take care of your skin will result in clear, acne free skin.

This is exactly what we (Cure Skin) aim for-to see our users happy and beautiful. That is why we take all the efforts to get you the best doctors at a touch of your screen and then get the medicines to your doorstep.

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