Hair fall: Are you doing enough to stop it?


Finding too many strands of hair in your brush or clogging the shower drain? Have you tried everything but still haven’t achieved your desired results? If your answer to both the questions is ‘yes’, then you should be worried!

Hair fall is considered to be a problem that can be rectified at home. People do not usually take it seriously and prefer giving everything else a try before actually seeing professional advice. But it is a serious issue and requires expert intervention at the right time. When left untreated it can intensify over time and lead to baldness as well.

On noticing symptoms of major hair fall, people resort to various ways. Following are some of them:

Home Remedies: Natural doesn’t always mean safe when it comes to your hair. Not all of the home-based remedies are clinically tested and hence are potentially risky. While some people do get benefitted, others may experience adverse side effects.

Using Generic or Over the Counter (OTC) Products: If you have been taking medication for hair fall and still don’t see any result, you’ve been doing it wrong. These products are not aimed at treating your specific issue. Sometimes, they even worsen your hair fall. The ingredients in generic products are not meant for particular hair issues like hair fall.

Taking advice from a general physician: A general physician might not be able to help you in case of severe hair fall. Only seeking help from a hair specialist and getting an accurate diagnosis will help you treat hair fall efficiently.

If you are someone who has tried one or more of the above solutions, you know it isn’t enough. Then what should you do? The solution is simple (and effective).

Open the CureSkin app on your phone and answer the questions asked about your condition. Upload a picture if needed and a treatment regimen will be sent to you in no time at all.

A team of Specialists and expert Dermatologists, at CureSkin curate treatment regimen based on your specific hair conditions. Not just that, it will be followed up with 24×7 chat support to ensure your treatment is going on well.

The key to beautiful and healthy hair is just a click away!



Chaitra K

Chaitra K

I’m a Skin Care Enthusiast from Bangalore, a writer here @CureSkin teamed up with Expert Dermatologists to spread awareness on the right kind of skin and hair care for men and women. Inspiring people to explore the skin and hair care that suits their need and help them look and feel beautiful is my full-time job. Skin & hair problems affect every person's self-esteem and confidence. Hence I love helping people by giving them the best information about skin and hair health with my writing, driven by the BEST Dermatologists.