Want to stop Hair Fall? Is Hair Transplant the answer? Things you need to know!

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Updated On - January 30, 2019 Chaitra K
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If all the remedies from your “how to stop hair fall naturally” search on the internet haven’t made any difference to the growing number of strands you are losing each day, you need something new. New hair oil, a change in the brands of hair products on your shelf or a hair transplant, what should you try next?

We say, none of the above! The answer is just one click away in an app on your phone.

The name is CureSkin and the aim is problem free Skin and Hair!

Have you been trying the wrong remedy for hair loss?

Hair fall is an issue that everyone generally thinks can be treated with natural home remedies. Methods like using onion juice when experiencing hair loss work for some but it may not show the same results in your case. Similarly, over the products and generic treatments do not work for everyone.

Image showcasing OTC products

Over the counter products and generic treatments do not work for everyone.

The reasons for your hair loss could be different from others. It could be anything from hormonal imbalance to poor blood circulation or improper blood flow to the scalp and effectiveness of your treatment depends on how accurately your hair loss causes have been analysed.

Self medication is one of the major reasons for deteriorating hair health. Maintaining a healthy diet, reducing stress levels, using essential oils and using a mild shampoo to wash your hair are some of the ways to keep your hair shaft healthy and prevent hair loss.

But when are losing your hair at an abnormal rate consulting an expert is the best thing to do. An expert will be able to analyse the causes that lead to hair loss in your case and suggest the best remedy.

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Is Hair transplant your ideal solution?

After trying practically every remedy under the sun for a fuller head of hair if you are contemplating a hair transplant, here’s why you need to reconsider the idea. Read on to know why CureSkin is the better option for you.

The Procedure

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and just like any other surgery, transplants may involve risk factors like bleeding and infection. Also, pre-surgical and post surgical routines can take a toll on the health of your hair.

Surgical Treatments for hair fall

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and just like any other surgery, transplants may involve risk factors like bleeding and infection

Another important thing to remember is that not everyone who is experiencing hair loss is a good candidate for hair transplant. The procedure isn’t for everyone. It can up to 8 hours for the entire procedure.

The cost

The above mentioned risks also come with a price tag. Depending on the amount of hair you are moving, the cost varies from person to person. The hair fall treatment regimen at CureSkin is priced reasonably and comes with a guarantee of positive results.

The Recovery time

Hair transplantation is a serious process and demands enough recovery time. Not taking the proper precautionary steps after the surgery may irritate the transplanted area and disrupt the healing process of the hair follicles. There are chances of you losing more hair before the new hair starts growing during the recovery period.

The side effects

Any surgical procedure comes with a list of potential side-effects and same is the case with hair transplants. Infection of the hair follicle, swelling of the scalp, itching and loss of the transplanted hair could be some of the major side-effects.

illustration of excessive hairfall

Infection of the hair follicle, swelling of the scalp, itching and loss of the transplanted hair could be some of the major side-effects

At CureSkin, the Specialists customize treatment regimen based on the condition and needs of the individual hence reducing the risk of side-effects.

Try CureSkin!

Thousands of people tried CureSkin for their issue of Hair fall and are happy with their treatment. Be assured of results that you will be satisfied with. If you have been experiencing hair loss and have tried everything possible, it is time to give CureSkin a try.

Before you decide on getting a hair transplant for your issue of Hair fall, here’s what you could do. Get advice from specialists and expert dermatologists for your specific condition, accompanied by regular follow-ups and 24×7 chat support without burning a hole in your pocket.

Help is just three clicks away:

  • Open the CureSkin App on your phone.
  • Answer all the questions and take a photo (If you haven’t already).
  • Order your custom-made Hair fall treatment from CureSkin

Your customized treatment regimen will be then delivered to your doorstep. You get the best treatment for your hair fall without even stepping outside your home. It is as simple as it can get!

Small steps everyday help achieve bigger milestones. Take your first step towards healthy hair with CureSkin now!

Treatment for all your Skin and Hair issues is easy, fast and affordable at CureSkin. Click here to download the CureSkin app now!

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