Is there no solution for Dark Spots on skin? Don’t lose hope!

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Updated On - January 29, 2019 Chaitra K
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Dark spots on your face have been your cause of worry for too long. Every treatment right from home-made remedies to products you bought from the local store has failed to reduce them. Cosmetic treatments are expensive and the ones that are not don’t seem to work. Is there really no solution then?

What causes Dark spots?

Irregular skin pigmentation caused by irregular production of melanin leads to dark spots. Genetics, pregnancy, overexposure to UV light, higher concentration of sun exposure, tanning beds and skin diseases could be some of the factors that lead to Dark spots on skin.

The effectiveness of the treatment then depends on the proper diagnosis of the cause and analysis of the individual’s skin type and condition. Failing to get this analysis done correctly before resorting to home remedies or trying over the counter products leads to severe side-effects.

Image of OTC products

Failing to get this analysis done correctly before resorting to over the counter products leads to severe side-effects.

Why some treatments don’t work!

Most topical creams do not penetrate the skin deep enough to lighten the pigmentation. This is why your conventional anti-aging cream, sunscreens or other generic skin care products do no good in reducing Dark spots on skin. CureSkin treatments in contrast target the specific skin issue and hence show better results.

Image illustrating application of Sun Screen

Using sunscreen regularly is very important. At the same time getting the right sunscreen is also important

Just because most topical creams fail to show any positive results most people resort to expensive surgical or laser treatments  to get rid of their Dark spots. Facial peels are one of the most commonly used remedy for Dark spots and can cost up to Rs.1500 per session.

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The number of sessions/peels needed depends on the severity of the condition. Additionally the products prescribed after the treatment can cost up to Rs.20,000-25,000. Chemical peels and other treatments for brown spots or age spots on skin may sometimes entail skin irritation and other side-effects.

CureSkin has the solution to your problems!

At CureSkin, our Skin specialists and expert dermatologists come up with treatment regimen specifically made for your skin conditions. Such an approach ensures positive results without the risk of side-effects. Also, the products for lightening Dark spot have been priced affordably.

Your treatment regime comes with proper instructions on usage and application by specialists to guarantee best results. This will also be accompanied by regular follow-ups from the doctors and 24×7 chat support to keep a track of your progress.

Now that you know CureSkin has the solutions to your problem of Dark spots on skin, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the CureSkin App on your phone.
  • Answer all the questions and take a photo (If you haven’t already)
  • Order your custom-made Dark spots treatment regimen from CureSkin

Don’t let Dark spots become a part of your personality. With tailor-made treatments from let your skin shine and do the talking. Click here to download the CureSkin app now!

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