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Pigmentation keep coming back? Here’s what you need to know. - Cureskin

Pigmentation keep coming back? Here’s what you need to know.


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What is Pigmentation?

The patches and uneven tone you see on different parts of your skin, is Pigmentation. It simply means coloring and is dictated by production of special cells called Melanocytes. A change in the quantity of their production leads to pigmentation disorders like dark patches and uneven skin.

Does Pigmentation fade away on its own?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Pigmentation is that it will fade away by itself and that no treatment, of any kind, is necessary.

Some types of pigmentation, like those caused by acne, can eventually lighten up over time (definitely not overnight). Our skin cells have stipulated number of days within which cell turnover happens and it increases

But, the majority of discoloration needs to be treated with high-powered active ingredient fit for your skin type to fully eradicate spots on the surface.

By now you must have tried over-the-counter medicines like lightening creams. They work best for flat spots, such as Melasma or age spots. OTC products are a more affordable and accessible option but these can take longer time for results than professional treatments.

Image highlighting the usage of OTC products
OTC products are a more affordable and accessible option. But these can take longer time for results than professional treatments.

Also, you must be considering laser treatment as an option but worried about the side-effects.

Not sure what to get done to banish your spots and stop the Pigmentation coming back?

Why does Pigmentation keep coming back?

Topical prescription medication can treat some cases of hyperpigmentation. This medication usually contains Hydroquinone which bleaches skin. Utilizing Retinoic acid also assists with lightening dark spots of the skin.

Both of these medications can take a few months to lighten darkened areas. But if done without prescription, it can go awfully wrong.

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Home care sometimes includes over-the-counter medications that may lighten dark spots caused by  sun damage. These medications don’t contain as much Hydroquinone as prescription medications. But again, these are not safe options since they are not backed by science.

Home based remedies is mostly using sunscreen to treat sun exposure and sun spots. Following some self-cure remedies like Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera etc either take time or just don’t work for your skin. Moreover these remedies do not have any scientific proof hence can cause more damage to skin.

Also if you are taking contraceptive pills or  are using other methods of birth control, altered levels of hormones namely Estrogen and Progesterone can lead to dark patches on the skin.

Image showing usage of sun-screen
Home care is mostly using sunscreen and following some self-cure remedies

CureSkin can help get rid of Pigmentation!

What you really need is a professional dermatologist who will prescribe the right treatment after looking at the severity of your conditions and your skin’s needs.

If you’ve been doing trial and errors for your pigmentation condition and not actually acting upon it then no matter what you do, it just keeps coming back. That is why it is important to see a medically trained dermatologist and get it treated right now!

Cure Skin App is a blessing in disguise. Get expert advice and the highest quality care for your Skin pigmentation right at the comfort of your home.

Your treatment regimen also includes follow-ups by doctors to ensure your treatment is coming along well. A 24/7 chat support is available for you to drop in your queries or get help with your regimen. How cool is that? Hurry and act fast before you can regret it.

Pigmentation free skin is just a few steps away. Download the CureSkin app, answer the questions asked and upload a picture of your skin condition. Once you order your regimen it will be delivered at your doorstep.  As simple as that!

Trust CureSkin, your Online Dermatologist to help you with all your Skin and Hair issues. Click here to download the CureSkin app!



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