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Your Dry Skin might be serious! Here's everything you should know about Dry Skin care - Cureskin

Your Dry Skin might be serious! Here’s everything you should know about Dry Skin care


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Dry skin is something we all periodically deal with especially during changing weather conditions. Most dry skin cases are mild and not to be worried about. By hydrating your body, moisturizing your skin and following some lifestyle changes one can help in relieving dry skin.

Most of us stick to home remedies and self care when we notice that our skin is dry but sometimes that’s not enough. At times extremely dry skin may be a sign for something serious and getting medical help is necessary.

How extreme can dry skin get?

Dry skin may not be a serious issue initially but it may become chronic when you ignore it for too long and do not follow a proper skin care routine.

Basic symptoms include feeling tightness on the skin, rough skin, itchiness, flaking, scaling and peeling of the skin’s surface etc. Sometimes using the wrong skin care products can cause more harm than good for dry skin on your face.

If not taken proper care then this may lead to serious conditions:

  • Eczema: It is a condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked and sore and often gets very painful if not treated quickly.
  • Dermatitis: is the medical term for extreme dry skin. And there are several different types of it based on different situations and conditions.
  • Infections: Infections dry, bleeding skin invites bacteria to enter the skin that leads to infections.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes Risk sometimes high blood sugar (glucose) can lead to extremely dry skin. This should be diagnosed properly.
  • Vitamin: Vitamin D and D3 deficiency vitamin D is crucial in maintaining the right balance of the tissue present on the skin. Same way Vitamin D3 is also associated with keeping the skin soft.

Is it necessary to see a dermatologist?

With proper care you should start feeling better. Some small steps like using a sunscreen with an SPF 30, making sure you apply a moisturizer, wearing gloves, using a lip balm and natural oil etc help soothe dry skin . But even after taking precautions if you still deal with this condition then you may want to see a dermatologist.

Dry skin can be a sign for something serious and may require ointments and prescribed medicines. A dermatologist can examine your skin and prescribe medications that help with dry skin care.

Prevention and treatment

Prevention and treatment for dry skin is through what you intake and the routine you follow. Some basics you can follow are:

  • Moisturizing: Moisturizing the skin using moisturizers create a seal on the skin that prevents moisture from escaping.
  • Hydrating: Drinking plenty of water and having fruits and vegetables help to  keep skin hydrated hence restoring all the water lost from the surface of the skin.
  • Limit hot showers: showering in hot water is soothing but it should be limited to a small time and temperature. A quick warm shower is fine.
  • Covering up: when going out, make sure you cover up your exposed skin during hot and cold climates.

Even after all these precautions if you still suffer from dry skin then it is suggested that you see a doctor.

Try CureSkin!

It is important to take medical help because only a doctor can evaluate your condition by looking at your skin type, lifestyle and diet and suggest what treatment you should take. Now you can avail professional help through CureSkin App.

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On downloading the app, you will be asked a few questions regarding your skin condition and you will have to upload a picture of the same. You will then receive your regimen which will be delivered to your doorstep.

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Chaitra K

Chaitra K

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