5 reasons why your Dry Skin is not improving even after treatment

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Dry skin is a very common condition that manifests in the form of flaky cracking dry patches on the skin.  In most cases it becomes frequent during extreme climatic conditions. Using natural oils, or a moisturizer or even wearing gloves during winters are some of the most commonly used remedies taken for dry skin.

Let us assume that you have all of the above and even done a good amount of research on the internet for best possible treatments for Dry skin. But even after a week or two you still struggle with Dry skin. What could be the reason? Is Dry skin really that serious a condition?

Here is why your Dry skin is not improving even after treatment:

  1. Not the right medication

When you buy over the counter medicines or search on the internet and buy a medicine, you usually get a general medicine for common dryness.

It may give you temporary relief but you are never cured of it. That is because every skin type is different and every dry skin condition is unique.

It takes a proper professional to diagnose it and prescribe treatment for complete cure.

image illustrating OTC products
When you buy over the counter medicines or search on the internet and buy a medicine, It may give you temporary relief but you are never cured of it.
  1. Do it the right way

Every treatment requires a systematic approach to it. It should be regular. Medications need to be taken on time and every step should be followed in that order. This is where you tend go wrong when you resort to self-medication or use skin care products without expert guidance.

You do not know what to do when and eventually just mess up and worsen your condition leading to side effects. A dermatologist charts out your regimen and medications and how long you should take the treatment.

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  1. They know it better

Dermatologists are trained to make the distinction between dry skin or dry skin caused by another condition, and a diagnosis will exclude more serious conditions. They know how to treat dry skin in the best way. Being your own doctor is not advisable, especially when you still deal with dry skin even after taking treatment.

  1. Different skin types different reasons

Every person is unique and so is your skin. Some may have oily skin, some have dry skin and some have sensitive skin. Treatment and medication for dry skin must be done according to the persons’ skin type and the reason causing the dryness. Only a medical expert can identify that and guide you accordingly.

Also, the climatic conditions of the place you live in, the products you use and lifestyle habits on daily basis can also contribute to Dry skin. The humidity levels of the city you live in or using too much hot water, frequency of hand washing and opting for fragrance free products on a daily basis can go a long way in contributing to the severity of your Dry skin.

  1. It’s Genetic

Yes! That’s possible. Some people are born with genetically dry skin. Some mutations in proteins alter the natural moisturizing property of the skin making it difficult to keep the skin hydrated and leading to lifelong dryness. Taking treatment at the right time from an expert dermatologist can help you overcome this condition.

image illustrating genetics
Some people are born with genetically dry skin

To an extent, self-treatment and home remedies work but not always depending on how severe your Dry skin is. It is important to get it checked with a dermatologist to get the right treatment.

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Dry skin may not be a condition as serious as Acne or Dark circles but ignoring it can make it severe and in some cases even not treatable.  Timely treatment for dry skin including products recommended by dermatologists help maintain healthy skin.

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