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Acne Scar treatment: Do you really need surgery? - Cureskin

Acne Scar treatment: Do you really need surgery?


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Still struggling with stubborn Acne scars?

Did you know these marks could be permanent? Should surgical treatment be your next move then?

Acne scars are intractable and become worse when the treatment is not right. There is no magic potion for making Acne scars disappear overnight and without the right kind of skin care it may become permanent. One of the most common type of acne scars is the rolling scar that becomes very prominent on the skin.

If Acne leaves behind indentations or raised spots, it means the damage has occurred at a deeper level in the skin cells. This calls for expert attention and not remedies that you read on the internet. Skin resurfacing is one of the most sought after treatments for Acne scars and removing dead skin.

If the word “expert attention” makes you think of surgical treatments then here are some things you should know.


On an average, the cost of Acne scar treatments range from 1500-2000 rupees per session and additional amount for the recommended products. Such treatments are generic in nature and do not prove to be effective.


These treatments do not come with proper instructions and hence do not show the results you expect.  When you have acne prone skin using products without getting proper instructions from an expert may cause more harm than good. Not knowing how much quantity of the product to use and when leads to side-effects.

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Even after spending a lot of money these generic treatments and products do not guarantee positive results. Some treatments include only topical treatments that work only at the top layer of the skin. Certain treatments such as Chemical peeling entail serious side-effects such as redness on the skin, dark spots etc.

CureSkin is the answer!

At CureSkin, the instructions are provided by our highly qualified and experienced Skin Specialists who observe each patient separately and determine the usage instructions accordingly.

Acne scar treatments are priced under Rs. 500 and are curated by team of Skin Specialists for your skin type to reduce Acne scars, no matter how small or deep they might be.

A range of treatments have been designed specifically for the Indian skin type and for Acne Scars that are most common in the population. These treatments come with high-quality cleansing, protection and repair products that not only revitalize your skin but also provide it with the care and nourishment that it needs for the scars to fade away eventually.

The treatment regimen also includes follow-ups by our specialists and doctors, free home delivery, and 24×7 chat support.

In case of CureSkin, thousands of happy and satisfied customers have been helped to get rid of their Acne scars permanently over time. You can also get rid of your Acne scars with CureSkin.

To get the right treatment for your Acne Scars, you need to do the following:

  • Open the CureSkin App on your phone.
  • Answer all the questions and take a photo (If you haven’t already)
  • Order your custom-made Acne Scars treatment from CureSkin

CureSkin brings to you affordable Acne treatment with guaranteed results. Beautiful, scar-free skin is just a click away.  Click here to download the app now!



Chaitra K

Chaitra K

I’m a Skin Care Enthusiast from Bangalore, a writer here @CureSkin teamed up with Expert Dermatologists to spread awareness on the right kind of skin and hair care for men and women. Inspiring people to explore the skin and hair care that suits their need and help them look and feel beautiful is my full-time job. Skin & hair problems affect every person's self-esteem and confidence. Hence I love helping people by giving them the best information about skin and hair health with my writing, driven by the BEST Dermatologists.