General Doctor Can’t Solve Your Skin Problem, Dermatologist will!

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Updated On - August 25, 2020 Dr Jisha Gomez
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Got serious skin conditions? Not able to get rid of it yourself? Most skin problems do not disappear on their own unless they only occur on a very small scale. This is where you need the help of a professional! 

This first mistake people do is, in order to cure their skin problems, they visit a general doctor instead of a skin specialist. Of course, a general doctor can be consulted for simple skin-related conditions such as acne, rashes, bites and even dandruff. However, there is a limit to which they can give a unique and specialized diagnosis and treatment for the condition.

Reasons to Visit a Dermatologist and not a General doctor!

✔ Many times, your general doctor cannot solve that because they don’t know how to diagnose it. A dermatologist, however, is specialized in this and will be able to identify it and treat your problem. It’s better to go to an experienced professional when in doubt in order to not let it develop into something bigger.

✔ General physicians provide wide-ranged care for adults, they do not have specialisation in treating skin problems. Dermatologists, on the other hand, are doctors who are known to diagnose and treat skin conditions.

✔ Only dermatologists can correctly diagnose complex skin conditions and find minute differences in the condition which help identify and treat even the trickiest of skin abnormalities.

✔ Unlike general physicians, dermatologists have various tools and techniques which help in the long process of skin diagnosis. 

✔ Dermatologist branch out further to specialize in fields like pediatric dermatology, cosmetic dermatology or even dermatopathology, which is a life devoted to studying various skin conditions.

✔ Studies have shown that dermatologists are more accurate at diagnosing and predicting skin cancers than general physicians are.

✔ Dermatologist examines your family medical history and more minute details which general physicians avoid doing. They do not just recommend an over-the-counter medication whenever you complain of itchy skin and rashes. They offer you more than just a temporary solution.

✔ When it comes to more advanced forms of such conditions like cystic acne, only dermatologists can help in reducing them. 

✔ Dermatologists have the specialization required to administer injections of particular steroids and other medication which can reduce the existing condition and quicken the healing process.

✔ When you realize that you are experiencing severe skin or hair condition, it is necessary for you to visit the dermatologist. This may be a symptom of a more serious condition, pointing to insufficient nutrients in the body or even just bad health. 

Get your Skin Problems solved before it gets worse!

A skin condition worsens if not attended to at the right time. It’s better to not give a chance for it to grow into something bigger and attend to it at the right time.

Get your skin problems solved by an expert Dermatologist
at the comfort of your home.

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