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Your face wash might be making your Acne/Pimples worse. Here’s why

Pimples have always been at the top of the list when it comes to anyone’s concerns regarding their skin. For the teenagers out there, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, because there is little chance of them getting to avoid this part of puberty at most times. But the silver lining is that statistics show that while acne affects around 80% of all teenagers, after the age of 25, it only tends to affect a much lesser 3% of adults.

This has made acne one of the most common skin conditions to occur during one’s lifetime. Simple solutions exist which help in counteracting factors that cause acne or pimples, and these include physical exercise to relieve stress and open up pores.

But keeping the skin clean consistently to avoid any build of oils has always been the most recommended remedy. This may mean an extra session of washing your face, but it can guarantee a healthier skin, with lesser pimples.

However, in our haste to get rid of pimples or due to an obsession with the clear skin we tend to overdo and this can cause the opposite effect. This may be how your face wash might be making your acne worse instead of making it disappear.

A pimple is a skin abnormality which occurs when glands known as the sebaceous glands (1) get clogged, which leads to an infection and swelling. These glands when functioning normally secrete oils which attribute to oily skin and scalp. So the obvious solution would be to get rid of the oils.

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But naturally our skin needs a certain amount of oil, and the total removal of it is commonly called as stripping(2). People’s habit of scrubbing away at acne with exfoliators and face wash is another acne inducing factor. This can only aggravate the condition and increase skin irritation.

The biggest issue with face wash is usually not the product itself, but the way in which it is used. People’s overzealous use of the products and misconceptions about oil balance on the skin can be why acne becomes worse despite the use of such face washes. This is where the importance of expert dermatologists really shows.

Only such specialists can provide you with expert guidance on not only what products to use, but the optimal way to use them. Our in-house dermatologists at CureSkin are available at all times for such guidance and consultation, providing users with the right way to use prescribed products for the acne-free skin.

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