Cureskin Products: Do They Really Work?


Cureskin is India’s #1 Skin Care App That Home-Delivers Dermatologist Prescribed Skin Treatment Kit, Customized To Your Skin Type & Conditions.

Unlike “off the shelf” products that are made for a million people irrespective of your skin characteristics, Cureskin products are personalised skincare essentials prescribed by a Dermatologist after analysing your skin characteristics and needs. It does not come under the ‘one size fits all’ category. A Cureskin treatment kit contains clinically tested unique skincare with specific ingredients that fit individual needs.

A Cureskin Products are formulated just for you –

  1. Works in keeping your skin clean by eliminating dirt, dust, excess sebum from your pores. 
  2. Repairs the problem areas of your skin for healthier skin.
  3. Counters the daily damage of pollution, sun exposure, etc., and protects your skin.
  4. Maintains the moisture level in your skin to make it look soft and supple.

Yes, Cureskin products complement each other to cleanse, repair, protect and nourish your skin. With this, you will see visible improvements in your skin within 4-6 weeks.

The good part is it doesn’t end there. 

A dedicated Dermatologist does regular follow-ups and regimen reviews to monitor your progress and update your regimen by tracking your skin’s changes.

✔ Whenever your skin changes with the weather, lifestyle or other such factors, your customized skin care regimen will be updated for your current skin concerns.

✔ You can chat with our skin advisor on the app in case of queries/doubts you may have about your recommended regimen.

✔  In case you wish to get your regimen modified, chat with our skin advisors who will be guiding you further. Your regimen will be updated by your Dermatologist to suit your new requirement.

✔  Our products are free of unnecessary toxic ingredients such as parabens, strong surfactants, etc, which sometimes cause allergic reactions on the skin. We ensure that all our products are of the highest quality and contain no harmful ingredients. 

If this doesn’t work for your skin, then what will?

With Cureskin, you don’t have to experiment with different harsh skincare products anymore. Cureskin gives your skin what it exactly needs, at all times! 

Find What Skin Care Regimen
Is Prescribed For Your Skin.



Chaitra K

Chaitra K

I’m a Skin Care Enthusiast from Bangalore, a writer here @CureSkin teamed up with Expert Dermatologists to spread awareness on the right kind of skin and hair care for men and women. Inspiring people to explore the skin and hair care that suits their need and help them look and feel beautiful is my full-time job. Skin & hair problems affect every person's self-esteem and confidence. Hence I love helping people by giving them the best information about skin and hair health with my writing, driven by the BEST Dermatologists.