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Face Clean-Up at Home using CureSkin Products

How to do Face Clean-Up at Home using CureSkin Products

Unable to get your Regular Clean-Up due to Lockdown? Why worry when you have CureSkin at your fingertips!

5 simple steps to do a face clean-up using Cureskin products & get your refreshed-look back!

Step 1: Cleanse your face with CureSk+n Micellar water & Curesk+n Facewash

🗸 Dip a cotton pad in curesk+n micellar water.
🗸 Wipe your face with it until your skin looks clean.
🗸 Take 1 Pump or 1 Drop from your curesk+n facewash (Check your CureSkin regimen), rub it on to your face thoroughly.
🗸 Splash lukewarm water onto your face and pat it dry.

What it does: Removes makeup & dirt particles from your face.

Ask your CureSkin dermatologist to suggest you a cleanser
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Step 2: Exfoliate

🗸 Take a small amount of any gentle and soap-free scrub.
🗸 Scrub this mixture all over your face, focusing on your problem areas (except eye region).
🗸 Massage in circular movements for 2-3 mins & wash it off.

What it does: Boosts blood circulation & sheds away dead skin cells.


Step 3: Steam up

🗸 Pour warm water into a basin (Use steamer if you have one!)
🗸 Cover your head with a towel.
🗸 Hold your face over the steam for 3-5 mins.

What it does: Softens the skin & opens up the pores.


Step 4: Tone it up using micellar water

🗸 Spray CureSkin micellar water (Buy Now) generously all over your face.
🗸 Tap your skin with fingertips for 1 min.
🗸 Let it absorb & dry.

What it does: Shrinks the pores while keeping your skin hydrated.


Step 5: Mask it

🗸 Choose either CureSk+n face pack or CureSk+n sheet mask (Buy Now).
🗸 Apply it on your face & neck and leave it for 15-20 minutes,
🗸 In the case of a Sheet Mask:
Take it off. Do not wash the product from your face.
Massage the remains all over your face for 1-2 mins until the skin absorbs it.
🗸 In the case of Face Pack:
Use wet fingertips to massage it for 1 min,
🗸 Finally, wipe it & clean your skin with lukewarm water.

What it does: Provides your skin with the nutrients it needs & reduces fine lines.


Step 6: Moisturize with CureSkin Hydration Gel/Cream/lotion

🗸 Take a pea-sized amount of CureSkin Hydration Gel/Cream/Lotion (Check your CureSkin regimen),
🗸 Apply it all over your face and neck,
🗸 Gently massage in circular upward motions until your skin absorbs it.

What it does: Hydrates your skin preventing flakiness and itchiness.

Ask your dermatologist to suggest you a cleanser
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