1. Clean your face–  It’s always better if you can clean your face well before going in for a hair removal treatment. If your skin is oily and dirty it can make it difficult to remove hair from your skin easily. In case your skin is greasy and oily and you go in for hair removal, it could react harshly to the treatment.(1)
  2. Scrub before and after – You need to scrub in order to remove the dead skin cells or any other kind or dirt and debris that maybe there clogged in your pores. Moreover, when you do this you could also be allowing some of the ingrown hair if you have any to come out to the surface.
  3. Don’t use razors – This point cannot be stressed enough for women. Do not use razors on your face, it makes your face feel harsh and coarse. Also, it doesn’t always result in the complete removal of hair, if your technique is wrong then it could result in ingrown hair. Also, you are more likely to have more facial hair growth after you use the razor on your face.
  4. Apply ice after– Since hair is being pulled out from your skin, your skin could respond to this harshly. Boils and other sorts of inflammations are common posts the treatment, thus it’s always better to apply ice. Not directly though, wrap it in a thin piece of cloth and then apply it onto your skin.
  5. Moisturize your skin – Most hair removal treatments can leave your skin feeling dry and rough. That’s why it’s always a must to moisturize your skin after your done with the treatment. (2)


  1. Expose your skin – Your skin can be incredibly sensitive after any method of hair removal. So make sure you take care as not to expose it to the sunlight. Apply ample amounts of sunscreen and keep your skin covered.
  2. Hair removal creams–  We understand that sometimes at a time of urgency its the best solution but hair removal creams contain chemicals that could darken your skin. They also can never be used on your face.
  3. Don’t mix– Try not to mix methods and treatments. For example, if you are used to getting threading done for your face, then stick to that. Don’t try to start waxing your face, if you do you need to be careful because there are different types of waxes for the types of hair and where it originates from.
  4. Acne– Try to refrain from using any hair removal methods when you have acne on your skin. It could cause the acne to burst and adversely leave a mark on your face.(3)

How to remove face hair permanently?

Laser treatment permanently removes face hair.

Does face hair laser removal work?

Yes, it does work.

Are face hair removal creams safe?

They contain chemicals that can harm your skin and darken it.

Does face waxing increase face hair growth?

No, it does not.


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