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Losing the battle against Dark Circles? 5 things you need to know

Tired of your regular beauty products not reducing your dark circles? If you are having a tough time battling those stubborn under eye dark shadows, trust us you are not alone. Dark circles are a common skin issue that make your skin look dull and exhausted.

Since dark circles are majorly linked to lifestyle reasons, it is a common practice to try and rectify it at that level only . Trying home-based remedies and generic eye cream is usually the go-to move in case of dark circles.

While it works for some, others have a tough time trying to get rid of those horrid dark rings. It is important to understand what causes dark circles to be able to treat it effectively. If you feel like every remedy has failed and you are losing your battle against dark circles.

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Here are five important things you should know:

  • There’s a difference between blue and brown under eye circles

Most articles on the internet refer to ‘brown circles’ when they talk about dark circles under the eyes. Hence suggesting a generic treatment approach to get rid of dark circles. Technically, they are both different and need different treatments. Knowing this difference will go a long way in understanding what causes dark circles and how to treat it.

  • Allergies can have something to do with it

For many people, seasonal allergies cause blood vessels to dilate resulting in under-eye swelling and darkness. If gently stretching the skin under your eyes results in a color change, allergic reactions could be the cause. Consulting a dermatologist for removing dark circles in this case would be the ideal step.

  • Genetics play an important role

Dark circles can be an inherited trait that may worsen as you age. It is particularly common among  people with darker skin tones. So if Dark circles is something that runs in the family there are chances that you may develop the condition as well.  Proper guidance from dermatologists

Dark circles can be an inherited trait that may worsen as you age
  • Dehydration can wreak havoc

The skin underneath the eyes begin to look dull when the body doesn’t receive enough water. Dehydration makes dark circles even more visible.  Additionally lifestyle habits like excessive alcohol, caffeine, sleep deprivation and sun exposure can add to the circles under your eyes.

  • Thinning skin

Natural aging is followed by thinning of the skin. Hence affecting the blood flow in the eye area and revealing the dark blood vessels under the skin even more clearly. Skin in this condition is more prone to sun damage and darkening due to lack of sleep.

To be able to understand what exactly is causing dark skin troubles for you, expert advice is needed. At CureSkin, Skin specialists and expert dermatologists provide the best solution for your issues. The treatment regimen is curated based on your specific skin condition hence making it more effective.

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It is important to understand what causes dark circles to be able to treat it effectively


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6 Reasons why you might be getting under eye Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes have such an influence on an appearance that they tend to make people feel as down and depressed as they make them appear. They are often a result of a lacking in nutrition and rest that we need to provide our bodies.

Dark circles are pigmented regions which appear underneath the eyes. They are mainly caused due to a lack of healthy blood circulation. There are wide varieties of contributors when it comes to dark circles and these include genetics, your eating and sleeping habits, sun exposure, use of cosmetics and even smoking and consumption of alcohol. One fact remains that dark circles are also a natural part of aging and can only be prevented to a certain degree.

There are often specific reasons why dark circles shadow the face, and these may range from dehydration to lack of sleep or even lack of the right type of care. Drinking plenty of water is the topmost advice given by most dermatologists when people ask for solutions to dark circles. It is said that dehydrated skin prompts the darkening of the skin, especially in thin parts of the skin, such as under the eye. Here are 5 reasons that might be causing your dark circles

  1. The amount of sleep we indulge in has a great impact on the appearance of our skin, especially the part under the eyes. Dark circles can appear when we fail to get enough sleep, which reduces basic blood circulation and makes the skin look paler while darkening the skin right underneath the eyes.  
  2. Also, since the fat deposits under the eye and in areas where the skin is thinner reduce as you age, the likelihood of developing dark circles increases. So a good supplementary eye-cream can help replenish this. With the help and guidance of a dermatologist, choosing the right eye-cream could be a great solution to dark circles.  
  3. Then there’s the matter of maintaining your fitness and health. Not having good physical health can cause dark circles. Although there may be many people wondering how them jogging in the morning may reduce dark circles, the fact is, it does. Committing to a good exercise regime can help our body snap back into a fitter state, keeping blood circulation at a healthy pace and hence reducing the paleness of the skin. This can make dark circles disappear in no time.  
  4. Having the right balance of the right habits, such as getting sufficient amount of sleep and a well-balanced diet with less salt can all help in curing dark circles under the eyes. However, if it is a genetic case, the remedies will only work in containing the condition rather than the curing it.  
  5. According to studies, you might have to start watching what you eat even before you go to sleep. A higher intake of salt in meals before sleeping may lead to you waking up to bags under your eyes with dark circles. This is due to salt’s capability to retain water, and it also can dehydrate the body, leading to more dark circles. So watching your salt intake can work wonders on dark circles.
  6. One other, lesser-known reason behind dark circles is its connection to anemia. This is the term given to iron deficiency in our system and is actually one of the more common causes for dark circles, which people tend to overlook.


Thankfully, there are simple but highly effective ways through which dark circles can be battled. Of the many possible options like everything from medical treatments to apparent homemade remedies, the best options to choose would be the prevention measures that put no risk to the skin or body. All these involve the consultation of a dermatologist who can greatly help you with dark circles.


This is where an app like CureSkin can change the whole experience of skin care. CureSkin is an online skin care platform that provides dermatological solutions and cares through a mobile application.


The beauty of the application lies in its simplicity, where the user has to merely answer a set of questions and take a photograph of their skin condition for diagnostic purposes. And the result is that the app develops a customized skin care regimen for you that you can then purchase.


Additionally, it schedules call appointments with its certified dermatologists who track your skin’s progress with regular photo updates and analyze the skin continually to achieve the best possible result. This consists of follow-up calls every two weeks till the customer is satisfied with their skin.

Dark Circles: Why do they keep coming back?

You have tried every remedy available for dark circles and they still keep coming back. Everything seems to have only a temporary effect. Dark circles are considered to be a one-time thing hence their reoccurrence leaves people dejected. The thing about

If you thought treating dark circles once should be enough to keep them at bay, you may be wrong. Here are some of the reasons why your dark circles keep coming back despite your ardent efforts to stop them:

· Fatigue: No matter how many remedies you try, sleep deprivation makes the skin dull and pale hence leading to dark circles.

· Age: As you age, your skin becomes thinner and more prone to dark circles. So the treatment remedies need to be more specific to be effective as you grow older.

· Overexposure to the sun: Too much exposure to the sun causes pigmentation thus giving way to dark circles.

· Eye Strain: Staring at your computer screens for too long can cause strain which enlarges the blood vessels around the eyes. As a result, the skin under the eyes tends to darken.

· Genetics: Family history is another important factor when it comes to dark circles. If you inherit the trait, chances of reoccurrence are higher.

· Inadequate nutrition: Not having a balanced diet is the root cause of many skin and hair issues. Dark circles are worsened and recur more frequently when the nutrients are not adequate.

Since majority of the reasons for dark circles has to do with lifestyle, steps to be taken on a daily basis to reduce the recurrence. We are talking about one of the most sensitive areas of skin here, the under eye. Hence experimenting with remedies off the internet will only worsen the condition.

Receive expert advice on best remedies for dark skin from Specialists at CureSkin. Once you open the app, answer the questions and upload a picture, you will receive effective treatment regimen for your condition based on your specific skin type.

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image of a girl highlighting Dark Circles

Get rid of dark circles and stop them from taking over your life right now!

Waking up to dark, puffy eyes is an absolute nightmare that most people fear. Not only do dark circles make you look perpetually dull but also older than your age. The worst part about dark circles is that they keep coming back. After a point, even a full night of shut-eye, home remedies, expensive creams or serums don’t seem to help. How to stop dark circles from taking over then?

Are surgical procedures the only way to reduce Dark circles?

This is when most people tend to choose one of the two extremes. They either opt for expensive surgical procedures and treatments or accept dark circles under the eyes as something that cannot be treated. But what if we told you that dark circles don’t have to be a permanent part of your life?

Yes, you read that right! You don’t have to make your peace with dark circles.


Surgical Treatments for Dark circles
Medical treatments are your last resort, it’s time to reconsider your approach, two major reasons to avoid this approach to stop dark circles are cost and side-effects.

If you think you have tried every remedy there is to get rid of under eye bags and they have failed hence medical treatments are your last resort, it’s time to reconsider your approach using CureSkin.

There are many cosmetic procedures like laser surgery, chemical peels, tissue fillers, etc that claim to treat dark circles. Two major reasons to avoid this approach to stop dark circles are cost and side-effects.

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The cost of such treatments depends on the severity of your condition but still is too high. A generic under-eye gel or eye cream for Dark circles would cost anywhere between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000. At CureSkin, the treatment regimen is priced reasonably and assures best results.


The skin around your eyes is sensitive and post-operative pain could cause a lot of discomforts. Other common side effects could be itching, redness and swelling after the surgery. Certain skin types after such treatments may become more prone to hyperpigmentation.


Patients with sensitive skin may also become victims of infections post-surgery in the eye area. At CureSkin, the products prescribed are all customized to suit your needs and hence do not cause side-effects. Your under eye circles treatment regimen comes with precise instructions on application and other important details to ensure you use it correctly.

Can CureSkin help remove Dark circles?

Thousands of people who thought no treatment would work for their Dark circles gave CureSkin a try when they were considering other cosmetic procedures. Their testimonials today stand as proof for others who have lost all hopes of finding any cure to stop dark circles.

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The range of treatments for Dark circles is priced reasonably and guarantees positive results.


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