Losing the battle against Dark Circles? 5 things you need to know

Updated On - February 1, 2019 Chaitra K
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Tired of your regular beauty products not reducing your dark circles? If you are having a tough time battling those stubborn under eye dark shadows, trust us you are not alone. Dark circles are a common skin issue that make your skin look dull and exhausted.

Since dark circles are majorly linked to lifestyle reasons, it is a common practice to try and rectify it at that level only . Trying home-based remedies and generic eye cream is usually the go-to move in case of dark circles.

While it works for some, others have a tough time trying to get rid of those horrid dark rings. It is important to understand what causes dark circles to be able to treat it effectively. If you feel like every remedy has failed and you are losing your battle against dark circles.

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Here are five important things you should know:

  • There’s a difference between blue and brown under eye circles

Most articles on the internet refer to ‘brown circles’ when they talk about dark circles under the eyes. Hence suggesting a generic treatment approach to get rid of dark circles. Technically, they are both different and need different treatments. Knowing this difference will go a long way in understanding what causes dark circles and how to treat it.

  • Allergies can have something to do with it

For many people, seasonal allergies cause blood vessels to dilate resulting in under-eye swelling and darkness. If gently stretching the skin under your eyes results in a color change, allergic reactions could be the cause. Consulting a dermatologist for removing dark circles in this case would be the ideal step.

  • Genetics play an important role

Dark circles can be an inherited trait that may worsen as you age. It is particularly common among  people with darker skin tones. So if Dark circles is something that runs in the family there are chances that you may develop the condition as well.  Proper guidance from dermatologists


Dark circles can be an inherited trait that may worsen as you age

  • Dehydration can wreak havoc

The skin underneath the eyes begin to look dull when the body doesn’t receive enough water. Dehydration makes dark circles even more visible.  Additionally lifestyle habits like excessive alcohol, caffeine, sleep deprivation and sun exposure can add to the circles under your eyes.

  • Thinning skin

Natural aging is followed by thinning of the skin. Hence affecting the blood flow in the eye area and revealing the dark blood vessels under the skin even more clearly. Skin in this condition is more prone to sun damage and darkening due to lack of sleep.

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It is important to understand what causes dark circles to be able to treat it effectively


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