5 reasons why your Dark Spot cream is not working like you thought it would.

“Only fever and emergency situations need a doctor” this is what you all must have thought. It’s a general trend among us to take self-treatments for small skin issues. But Dark Spots isn’t a one that can be healed with OTC medicines and home remedies.

1. With no proper prescription: You must have tried around 5 versions of the same over-the-counter products. Most dark spots require prescription medication, and only then it can make real progress once you start an appropriate, individualized treatment plan.

2.  Too much or Too little: Dark spots requires only a thin layer of medication. Applying more will dry out your skin and will not cure dark spots.  Even applying too little cannot solve your problem. This is where you need an expert’s directions.

3. Using mixed products on the spot and mixing products within regimen: you must be following a treatment your local doctor said but along with that, you must be using your daily skin products. Both these products have strong chemicals that can go react badly and leave your face with more dark spots.

4. Not bothered about the “After”: You must have solved the issue partly and then once you start seeing your clear face you go back to your daily routine and slowly neglect the aftercare like applying sunscreen or finishing the medications course. Thus the issue bounces back in no time.

5. Too late and Too wrong: you must have waited a long time to finally address your issue and act upon it. Along with it, you get all the wrong medications. Now your condition has worsened beyond self-care. And thus the dark spots stay.

It is very important to get a Dermatologist to have a look at it and decide the treatment and that too as early as possible before things go wrong. Use the Cure Skin App wisely to solve all your skin problems.

Image highlighting Dark spots

What happens when you don’t treat your Dark Spots properly?

Ever since we can remember, there have been people of all colors living around us in different parts of the world. From the glistening melanin-rich skin of the native Africans, the pale Caucasian skin seen in Europe and America, to the dusky gleam of skin we come across in India, the variations in skin colour are limitless.

This is all determined by an important part of our skin’s structure, which produces the pigment that gives us color. Pigmentation is the term coined for this process, and it decides what color appears on what part of our skin. However, there are certain factors, both genetic and environmental which can influence it.

women's face highlighting Skin pigmentation
One of the biggest misconceptions about discolored skin is that it will fade away by itself and that no treatment, of any kind, is necessary.

Dark spots are flat brown spots on your skin that may vary in size. It’s hard to notice when you get your first dark spot, but when they begin to grow in number, it has an evident effect on your appearance.

Dark spots may not be harmful to your health, being just another defense mechanism your skin uses. There are areas under our skin called Melanocytes. When these sites are activated (Melanocyte activity), they produce excessive amounts of melanin to defend the skin against harmful UV rays.

But they do hamper the look of a person and ruins ones’s confidence.  When the face is covered with prominent dark marks one doesn’t really feel nice about their skin..

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What Causes Dark Spots?

Some of the leading causes for dark spots showing up on your skin include sun exposure, pregnancy and skin inflammation. At times, hyperpigmentation as a condition can trigger the appearance of dark spots on the skin, especially if the skin is injured at some point.

Although Dark spots is more common in people with dark skin who have more melanin production, it can happen to anyone.  The exact triggers of Dark spots could be anything from lifestyle to genetics as well. Sometimes even hormonal changes can stimulate melanin production tat leads to dark spots. Certain foods may also trigger hyperpigmentation.

Since the causes of Dark spots are uncertain, it is important that a dermatologist diagnoses your condition and gives you the right treatment for your skin type.

What happens when you leave Dark spots unattended?

So when you leave dark spots unattended, it means you may be ignoring the signs of sun damage, and even significant hormonal changes that you need to have addressed by doctors. Also,  over the counter products which are usually topical treatments tend to affect sensitive skin.

Additionally, leaving dark spots without the right care will only lead to the spreading of the condition and worsening of the spots. It is extremely rare for dark spots on your face to vanish of their own accord. This is one of the primary reasons why experts suggest a visit to the local dermatologist on a regular basis for lightening dark spots.

When it comes to skin issues like Dark spots, timely and accurate treatment can go a long way. Ignoring your issue for too long might make it even more severe leaving laser treatment as your only option. Trying home based remedies like lemon juice and aloe vera that are not back by scientific research might work for some and not for others.

Image highlighting different home-remedies
Trying home based remedies like lemon juice and aloe vera that are not back by scientific research might work for some and not for others.

Irregular skin pigmentation causes dark spots and most topical creams do not penetrate the skin deep enough to lighten the pigmentation. This is why your conventional anti-aging cream, sunscreens or other generic skin care products do no good in reducing Dark spots. CureSkin treatments in contrast target the specific skin issue and hence show better results.

Much like how we know a fruit is spoiled by taking a look at its outer skin, we can make out issues in our body by the way our skin appears Being the largest organ in the body it is a way of alerting us when all is not well in the system. But a visit and consultation with a dermatologist to get rid of dark spots is easier said than done.

Especially for people living in more suburban cities or leading busy lifestyles which cannot always accommodate the long waiting hours at a skin care clinic. This is where an application like CureSkin can change the whole experience of skin care. CureSkin is an online skin care platform that provides dermatological solutions and cares through a mobile application.

The beauty of the application lies in its simplicity, where the user has to merely answer a set of questions and take a photograph of their skin condition for diagnostic purposes. And the result is that the app develops a customized skin care regimen for you that you can then purchase.

Additionally, it schedules call appointments with certified dermatologists who track your skin’s progress with regular photo updates and analyze the skin continually to achieve the best possible result. This consists of follow-up calls every two weeks till the customer is satisfied with their skin.



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Dark Spots making you impatient? Treatments not helping? Here’s why.

Tried everything you could get your hands on but still no results? Have been taking self-treatment for about 2 weeks now and still see dark spots? Their presence makes you angry and under confident? Here’s what’s happening.

Your skin care regimen might be the culprit. If you try to scrub it off with an exfoliator it just gets worse. Similarly, if you are using just a normal skin lightening cream instead of a medicated one, it also ends up causing trouble.

Level up your sunscreen game. Regular use of sunscreen is very important. As it protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and prevents you from getting dark spots.

You need to make sure you’re using a good quality sunscreen which is apt for your skin type and condition of your skin.

Give it some time. Sometimes dark spots take around 6 months to one year to fade away.
If you do not provide it with the right treatment then it can be a permanent mark.

Don’t mix up products. In between whatever treatment you’re taking, you must have experimented with a couple of other products and even home remedies. That is a bad idea altogether. If you are following one regimen or product then follow only that until the course is over. If you mix products then there are chances that it reacts with one another and give you bad results or worsen the condition even more.

It’s not about the most expensive treatment; it’s about the right one at the right time. Try the Cure Skin regimen at half the price of what you’d give for higher-end treatments. And start seeing the change.

Image highlighting Dark spots

Is there no solution for Dark Spots on skin? Don’t lose hope!

Dark spots on your face have been your cause of worry for too long. Every treatment right from home-made remedies to products you bought from the local store has failed to reduce them. Cosmetic treatments are expensive and the ones that are not don’t seem to work. Is there really no solution then?

What causes Dark spots?

Irregular skin pigmentation caused by irregular production of melanin leads to dark spots. Genetics, pregnancy, overexposure to UV light, higher concentration of sun exposure, tanning beds and skin diseases could be some of the factors that lead to Dark spots on skin.

The effectiveness of the treatment then depends on the proper diagnosis of the cause and analysis of the individual’s skin type and condition. Failing to get this analysis done correctly before resorting to home remedies or trying over the counter products leads to severe side-effects.

Image of OTC products
Failing to get this analysis done correctly before resorting to over the counter products leads to severe side-effects.

Why some treatments don’t work!

Most topical creams do not penetrate the skin deep enough to lighten the pigmentation. This is why your conventional anti-aging cream, sunscreens or other generic skin care products do no good in reducing Dark spots on skin. CureSkin treatments in contrast target the specific skin issue and hence show better results.

Image illustrating application of Sun Screen
Using sunscreen regularly is very important. At the same time getting the right sunscreen is also important

Just because most topical creams fail to show any positive results most people resort to expensive surgical or laser treatments  to get rid of their Dark spots. Facial peels are one of the most commonly used remedy for Dark spots and can cost up to Rs.1500 per session.

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The number of sessions/peels needed depends on the severity of the condition. Additionally the products prescribed after the treatment can cost up to Rs.20,000-25,000. Chemical peels and other treatments for brown spots or age spots on skin may sometimes entail skin irritation and other side-effects.

CureSkin has the solution to your problems!

At CureSkin, our Skin specialists and expert dermatologists come up with treatment regimen specifically made for your skin conditions. Such an approach ensures positive results without the risk of side-effects. Also, the products for lightening Dark spot have been priced affordably.

Your treatment regime comes with proper instructions on usage and application by specialists to guarantee best results. This will also be accompanied by regular follow-ups from the doctors and 24×7 chat support to keep a track of your progress.

Now that you know CureSkin has the solutions to your problem of Dark spots on skin, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the CureSkin App on your phone.
  • Answer all the questions and take a photo (If you haven’t already)
  • Order your custom-made Dark spots treatment regimen from CureSkin



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