Fallen sick? It might not be coronavirus: 21 days of lockdown

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There is nothing worse than falling sick when the whole world has gone into locked-down mode fearing the new virus COVID-19. The fact is, not everyone sick has coronavirus, it might be just a common cold too. Being home-locked for weeks is completely new to us. With routines disturbed and lifestyle reversed, getting sick is sometimes the body’s way of telling it needs time to adjust.

Symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath, aches, etc. are not new to us. We have easily dealt with such symptoms even before, haven’t we? The fact is, the fear of COVID-19 is making it feel different in our experience. However, whether it is COVID-19 or not, if you do begin experiencing sickness, Lock yourself up at home in a separate room, stay away from people and pets you share your home with for at least 14 days or until the doctor gives you a green signal.

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Having said that, COVID-19 is not the only reason why you’ve fallen sick, most of the time being “locked-down” is the culprit. Here’s how:

If you have Fallen sick: 

It might be your “Fear” of being locked-down causing a rise in your body’s temperature. You may think it’s funny, it’s not, it’s a possibility! Most of us were too comfortable with our old lives, and now, unknowingly we are defending this mental distress by pumping out extra heat.

What you can do

Accept the changing situation. Involve yourself in activities that help you overcome fear. Talk to medical experts in case you can’t deal with this all alone.

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If you are coughing:

Research says cough increases at times of stress. If you’re emotionally stressed over the coronavirus issue, there are high chances that you’ll be coughing pretty soon even without being infected by COVID-19.

What you can do
Calm yourself down, watch something fun, cook yourself your favorite dish, reconnect with your hobbies. Do anything and everything to get rid of stress.

If you are tired throughout the day:

With physical restrictions brought in, our activities have got limited. We have ended up having an ample amount of time throughout the day. We, humans, are not good at having free time, especially when there’s nothing much we’re allowed to do. We just end up feeling tired all day long, and it’s just psychological.

What you can do
Use your muscles to do some household work that you’d put on hold due to your busy schedule. Keep yourself active throughout the day.

If you’re experiencing body aches:

This may be either because you’re exercising a lot or exercising too little. Being stuck at home gives us little opportunity to be physically fit and this, in turn, causes body aches. Do not blame COVID-19 for your misdoings.

What you can do
Exercise, Exercise & Exercise!

If you have trouble breathing :

It’s not just COVID-19, stress caused by hearing things on COVID-19 brings in shortness of breath or makes it worse too. Once you start feeling short of breath, it is common to get nervous or anxious. This can make your shortness of breath even worse.

What you can do
Take a break from news related to coronavirus. Watch light-on-heart programs. The situation being serious doesn’t mean you need to get serious too. Remain responsible but joyful too. However, in the case of breathing troubles, it is always safer to get medical attention. 

If you are having a chest pain:

Along with a lack of exercise, intense emotions can cause chest pains. If you’re distressed being separated from your loved ones during this lockdown, it gives you pain and when this gets intense you can experience chest pains too.

What you can do
Connect with your loved ones over a call, chat.  Technology has made it a possibility to share your feeling with people you care for even when they’re not around you. However, do not ignore chest pains, the damage can be much deeper than you may think it is. Talk to our doctors without stepping out of your home: Download CureSkin App.

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