How to remove Pimples from Face quickly – A guide

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One thing we all know for certain is that life waits for no one. And it definitely does not wait for that pimple on your face that shows up the day before that big presentation, your yearbook photo shoot or god forbid, your wedding day.

This leads to a search asking for quickest remedies of how to remove pimples from face.

In today’s fast-track lifestyle, everyone is on the lookout for the quick fix. And luckily in the case of reducing pimples, there actually happen to be ways to achieve that in a startlingly short period of time.

But before venturing into solving a problem like pimples, it is better to know exactly what you face. A pimple is defined as a skin abnormality that is caused when oil-producing glands in the skin get clogged and infected by bacteria. These glands are known as sebaceous glands and are the reason for the oil on our face(1).

These oils aren’t necessarily bad because they help maintain the balance between dryness of the skin and moisture. The natural shine that any healthy skin gets is from this constituent. This is something people tend to forget when in a hurry to reduce their pimples.

More often than not, people end up excessively drying out their skin to have an adverse effect. They then have to deal with the after-effects of dryness like flaking, peeling and heightened skin sensitivity(2).

Thankfully there is a whole reservoir of well tried out and vouched for home remedies that are sure to only help the skin. They are broadly categorized as either suppressers or spot treatments.

Suppressor treatments include the use of ice and cooling compress. It is a well-used trick that we have always used on burns or mild injuries to the skin and it doesn’t change for pimples. It works on easing inflammation and reducing the size of pimples in a very short time(3). Placing a few cubes of ice on a towel and holding it against a pimple for five minutes a sitting should mostly do the trick.

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Cucumbers are another fine example for suppressing pimples quickly(4). It is a vegetable that uses astringent properties to minimize the size of pimples and reduce redness and swelling. Simply slicing up pieces and allowing them to rest on your skin is said to work wonders.

Apart from cucumber, Aloe Vera is another plant that can be used in its raw form to soothe and reduce pimples in no time. Research has shown that the constituents in aloe vera like salicylic acid are known for killing bacteria and for anti-inflammatory purposes(5). Simply removing the gel from the plant and applying it on the pimple would be an effective way to reduce pimples when in a hurry.

Other than simply using raw ingredients one at a go, there are various pastes that have been used on pimples to make them disappear quickly. A natural mixture of honey and yogurt are a popular option. They are both natural products, hence eliminating high chances of side effects. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of honey combined with the soothing and balancing acidic properties of yogurt increase their popularity(6).

The list of household products used for acne treatment does not stop here. Some people have been daring enough to venture past these common options to try out more recently emerging solutions. Amongst them, garlic seems to be a curious case. Although well known as an ingredient in Unani medicine, some people have been misled to believe that garlic may indeed have the capability of killing bacteria.

However, studies are being put forth to prove that this is false and that it indeed has little to do with acne. However strong an ingredient it may be in boosting the immune system and even for stimulating hair growth in follicles, its powers in reducing pimples are minimal(7).

Some people look to add lemon for its anti-inflammatory nature and even try out clay masks and tea tree products.  But you need to identify your skin type prior to using this because the last thing you need is extremely dried out skin, leading to scarring and peeling.

In the category of spot treatment, some of the most famous options are tea tree oil, witch hazel, and green tea. There are numerous blogs littered across the internet that tell you to “chill with a glass of green tea as you apply the green tea bag on your pimple” to make it go away. As informal as that may sound, it does hold some truth. Green tea is one of the natural products that have almost no side effects on the skin and use anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidants that help combat pimples quickly(8).

So do sit back at times, and apply cotton balls dipped in green tea onto the pimple areas and allow it to soak for around 20 minutes before wiping the skin clean. This will go a long way in healing pimples quickly, and also have people surprised as to how fast you get rid of your pimples.

While some people prefer to stick to these conventional and natural solutions, others dare to try more risky ingredients. Few of these examples are pastes made out of aspirin, toothpaste and even benzoyl peroxide based products.

But before you sell yourself to these products based on how fast everyone claims they work, you need to know a few lesser-known facts about them. Each of them is products which by themselves are too harsh an ingredient to be applied on to a surface as sensitive as the skin.

A good rule for skin care to follow would be, “if it was not designed for the skin, it isn’t meant for it”. This reduces your chances of burning your skin or irritating it using such products with complex chemical ingredients. Overall, a healthy solution for pimples would be to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, as recommended by dermatologists.

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