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Dull Skin Bothering You? Here's all you need to know - CureSkin

Dull Skin treatment is not as complicated as you think. Here’s why!


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Dull skin bothering you? Don’t see the same glow as before on your face? Tried every home remedy and over the counter product there is for Dull skin? Wondering if it is serious?

Why do you have dull skin?

Dull skin is one of the most common skin conditions and it is not as complicated as it may seem. You see the radiance that is associated with young and healthy skin in your 20’s since your skin cells turn over every 28 days. As you age, the turn over process of the skin cells becomes slower hence making your skin look dull.

Also, given the hectic schedules taking time to regularly wash your face, apply a face mask on both face and neck, properly exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells and improve blood flow are not a part of our skin care routine. This takes a toll on the health of the skin making it look dull and sometimes even leading to appearance of dark spots.

Sometimes even our lifestyle habits like not drinking enough water, not getting enough hours of sleep, not maintaining a balanced diet and not removing makeup before going to bed, etc. that worsen the case. Add to that dust and pollutants in the air that make skin tone uneven and any kind of treatment ineffective.

Call it the side-effects of technology or something else, but  people tend to take dull skin treatment lightly and try every remedy out there first before consulting a dermatologist. Home based remedies that you read on the internet may seem promising but they are not backed by scientific methods.

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Over the counter products that you trust have a very generic composition and sometimes even harmful ingredients, hence they may not be able to solve your issue of dull skin.

Lastly, consulting a general physician for your dull skin treatment is of no use because what a dermatologist is qualified to do is what will help your skin get better.

Now that you know the root cause of this issue lies deep beneath the surface of your skin, do you still think over the counter products or generic creams can help get rid of dull skin? This is where CureSkin steps in as your online dermatologist.

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CureSkin your online dermatologist.

Why CureSkin works for dull skin!

At CureSkin, our Skin specialists and expert dermatologists analyze the cause of your dull skin. This diagnosis helps to curate a treatment regimen that will work best for your skin type and condition. Treatments for Dull skin at CureSkin include products which help speed up the skin-cell turnover to expose the newer, younger skin underneath.

dull skin treatment, skin problems, dermatologist
At CureSkin, our Skin specialists and expert dermatologists analyze the cause of your dull skin.

This approach proves to be more effective and pocket-friendly when compared to the amount you’d otherwise spend for salon treatments easily ranging from Rs.3000-Rs.7000 per session.

Additionally you will also receive follow-ups by doctors to ensure your treatment gives you the best results.  Additionally, there is 24×7 chat support from our team for your queries and doubts regarding your treatment regimen.  When compared with generic or over the counter products the range of treatments for Dark circles is priced reasonably at CureSkin.

To get the right treatment all you have to do is install the CureSkin app on your phone, answer the questions asked and upload your picture.  You will then receive a personalized treatment regimen for your condition which will be delivered to your doorstep once you place an order. So, you do not even have to step outside your home to get your dull skin treatment.

Of all the things you worry about in life, strike off Dull Skin that list right away with CureSkin. Get back your natural healthy glowing skin!

Looking for a fast and affordable solution to your Hair and skin problems? CureSkin is the answer. Download the CureSkin app by clicking here!



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Chaitra K

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